Leather Pouches

Leather is one incredible natural material to work with. Especially thick leather of high quality from north of Portugal. It is flexible and very long lasting. Its incredible that people used it since Paleolithic and it is still very practical in modern days. These pouches can be used for many years and will look even cooler after time.
Mainly I do size of tobacco package, but it also can be used as a pocket for a phone or money. I have designs with magnet locks or leather string closing.
Still experimenting with colours,  and pyrography illustrations. Each one comes out very special, always different from the other ones.

One experimental design is called ” Spring Muse” . Portrait of a young Muse with popy flowers in her hair, made in Art Noveau style. Very detailed and graphical, a real piece of art.

My obsession with ethnic ornaments and natural patterns has no limits!)

If You have your own design in mind, it is possible to bring it to reality. Write me a message with description on my FB page:


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